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Family Formation And Structure Of The Nuclear Family

Combining the multitude of factors that contribute to family formation and structure parallels to mixing ingredients to make a soup that does not always come out with the same taste, as even with the same contributing factors such as race, gender, and social, economic, and political pressure, one family can greatly differ from another. The ideology of the nuclear family shape clashed with my family’s more extended and traditional family structure, and upon arrival to the United States from Korea, initially resulted in opaque gendered behavior and thinking along with muddled male and female constructs. As the family’s stay continued, the idea and shape of the nuclear family began to whittle away at my grandparents’ and father’s initial ideals, albeit at a different pace. As a result of my grandparents directing joining the workforce and contributing, the nuclear family ideals had little influence; on the other hand, my father, after growing up through schoo ling and having more in depth experience with American culture, was more affected, and the transition into the ideology of the nuclear family was nearly complete after having children. As my father came to be the main breadwinner of the family, the nuclear family shape and ideology was fortified and increasingly embraced, as my dad was pressured to provide, which promoted male dominance within the household. In order to comprehend and identify a family’s ideals, it is important to know the structure first. My familyShow MoreRelatedIs The Nuclear Family Means?1617 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is considered the nuclear family? Everyone in society has their own definition of what the nuclear family means to them and raises an interesting question as to which definition is said to be true? Society has constructed their own set of beliefs and terms in their way of living that the nuclear family can literally mean, and be constructed by almost anything. Depending on people situations, their built up version of what a family means to them can consists of uncles, aunts, grandparents, andRead MoreRetinoid Inhibits Nrf2 Signaling Pathway through Retinoic Acid Receptor Alpha1519 Words   |  7 Pages For instance, active derivative of retinol (metabolite of Vitamin A) such as retinoic acid (RA) plays a major role in vision, cell differentiation, tissue homeostasis, apoptosis, organogenesis, r egulation of immune system and embryonic pattern formation(1). In addition RA is also considered to be a potent chemopreventive and tumor suppressive agent because of its apoptotic and anti-oxidant activity. A wide variety of studies in animal models and clinical trials have shown the anticancer activityRead MoreFamily Structure And Structure Of The British Family1744 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction. Family is the fundamental unit of society. The concept and structure of the British family has seen a change over the last 50 years. These changes have culminated in the decay of marriage and therefore the rise of cohabitation, new forms of family composition and the delay of parenthood, thus, making traditional nuclear family less stable than in previous generations (Jenkins et al. 2009). The aim of this essay is of great importance as it will look at important decades since theRead MoreAlthough Love May Concern The Intimate And Micro-Level1305 Words   |  6 Pagesalbeit limited, are being faced with heteronormative rhetoric that impedes queer Filipinxs from moving up the socioeconomic ladder. The â€Å"Philippine Family Code,† explicitly defines marriage as a â€Å"permanent union between a man and a woman,† underscoring the ways in which LGBT communities are systematically left out of the conventional family structure, and by extension, marriage. The exclusion of these marginalized communities through policies exemplify Gayle Rubin’s â€Å"charmed circle,† which denoteRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography Of Family Life1412 Words   |  6 PagesAssignment 1 – Annotated Bibliography of Family Life Baker, M. (2001) Families, Labour and Love: Family diversity in a changing world. Crows Nest, NSW: Allen and Unwin. †¢ Sociologists use the term ‘families’ in plural rather than ‘family’ to represent the variations in family life. †¢ Societal changes contributed to divorce rates, focusing more on personal happiness, higher martial satisfaction and women ability to survive economically outside marriage. †¢ Extended family households were more prevalent beforeRead MoreEssay on Disintegration of the Nuclear Family1289 Words   |  6 Pagesnoticed that the concept of the family has changed in the past 40 years, and this has led some to comment on the disintegration of the nuclear family. Do you agree with the claim that the nuclear family unit is breaking down? The conventional nuclear family model, Murdock first spoke of, which entails the father as the employed bread winner and the wife as the stay at home housewife and mother looking after their children. This early idealistic model of the stable family life has changed and evolvedRead MoreThe Importance Of A Family On Cultural Diversity1515 Words   |  7 Pagesbe a ‘family’ in various cultures. It will focus on three main points stated by Cheal, D (2001). The essay firstly looks at the different forms of family due to cultural diversity. Does it mean biology is important for kinship or can family be extended further than the blood? (Eriksen, 2004). As the nuclear family used to be seen at the ‘traditional family’ the discussion of if this has changed and how this has will be stated. Secondly the situational diversity and what could cause family form toRead MoreThe Cultural Aspects Of Family1237 Words   |  5 Pagesis meant by the term ‘family’ and to look at the differences of the term, when we study the family cross culturally. There are many different family forms which I will explore whilst writing this essay, along with the increasing family forms, and how they have changed over time. I will also be studying the cultural aspects of family both in Western and Non Western societies explaining how they differ to western families. ‘Kinship’ is said to be the foundation of the family according to anthropologistsRead MoreFunctions Of The Mechanism Of Gene Expression1269 Words   |  6 PagesmRNA degradation and translation. Ribonucleic acid can regulate gene expression by the presence of the particles in the chain, where the individual parts are complementary to each other and can form hydrogen bonds therebetween to form a secondary structures. TRANSCRIPTION transcriptionis the first stage of gene expression. Its mechanism is based on rewriting the genetic information contained in the nucleotide sequence of the DNA strand to the RNA. The process can be divided into the initiation, elongationRead More‚Äà ²a Family Can Be Defined as a Married Heterosexual Couple and Their Children‚Äà ´. How Have Social Scientists Challenged This Kind of Conventional Definition of the Uk Family?1724 Words   |  7 Pages‘A family can be defined as a married heterosexual couple and their children’. How have social scientists challenged this kind of conventional definition of the UK family? Since there are lots of different perceptions or even conflicts on family life, the sociologist is challenging greatly of the family (Cheal, D. 1991:1). The changes in family living and household composition are mainly concerned as a contemporary core. (Jagger, G. and Wright, C. 1999:1). According to Sherratt and Hughes, although

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Leadership Developing Your Leadership - 1832 Words

Developing Your Leadership Cadet Workman University of Colorado Colorado Springs Army ROTC Leaders come in many different forms, whether it is the CEO of a corporation or a single mother trying to raise her three children. It does not take a big fancy office or a job title for you to be a leader, and leaders can start cultivating their leadership potential immediately, in whatever area of influence they have. There are multiple theories as to what makes a leader, as well as numerous ways to hone your leading potential and get a head start on developing those leadership capabilities. Leadership is a concept that scholars have been attempting to define for ages, and although hundreds of different definitions of leadership have arose, there are a number of concepts that have been adapted as accurately reflecting what it is to be a leader. According to Peter G. Northouse PhD, a Professor Emeritus of Communication in the School of Communication at Western Michigan University, there are six overarching theories of leadership: 1) Leadership is a trait 2) Leadership is an ability 3) Leadership is a skill 4) Leadership is a behavior 5) Leadership is a relationship 6) Leadership is an influence process According to his book Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, Northouse states that, â€Å"Leadership is a trait: A trait is a distinguishing quality of an individual, which is often inherited.†¦ Leadership is an ability: A person who has leadershipShow MoreRelatedStrengths And Weaknesses Of Leadership773 Words   |  4 Pages Leadership involves facets from several different areas of skill. The combination of these traits in an individual allows one to be influential on a group in a positive way. Leadership comes in varying types and styles, no one being more right than the other. Knowing the basics of how to collaborate with and develop your group and how to integrate your style will determine how successful you will be. Throughout SLC, I’ve gained a basis of the common types of leadership, which will lead to betterRead MoreCareer And Leadership As A Leader928 Words   |  4 Pages You shouldn’t ever reach a point where you feel fully satisfied with your leadership and the organisation’s position. Now the statement doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate the things you’ve achieved or feel unthankful about the success you’ve had. But instead, you want to have an inner feeling where you know you have more to give and to achieve. Without continuous improvemen t, you can’t reach your potential or inspire your followers to push themselves forward. Focusing on development doesn’t meanRead MoreThe Benefits Of Leadership Development770 Words   |  4 PagesBackground The article I am reviewing is called the Benefits of Leadership Development in Sports. This article was written in the attempt to discover how a coach may benefit if they can develop leaders. This paper was written by Mike Voight who is an associate professor focusing on leadership in sports at the University Central Connecticut University. Mike Voight has written several other articles focusing on how personnel team leadership matters. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study isRead MoreGuidelines And Principles Of A Survey847 Words   |  4 Pages 6. Discuss the guidelines and principles that one should consider in developing a survey/ questionnaire? Before starting to develop a survey, consult the local IRB requirements and regulations to ensure approval for the survey. The first step of developing a survey is to decide what kind of data you want to collect and why you want to collect it. This will guide the types of questions created and make it more relevant to the research. The next step is to determine the demographic and how theRead MoreThe Leader Follower Relationship : Defining, Designing, And Biblical Truth1634 Words   |  7 PagesIncorporating Biblical Truth to Global Leadership Introduction I was engaged in a dynamic conversation with a colleague in reference to subpar productivity of a particular office in which we work alongside. We went down the list of what the support staff (follower) were not doing, areas that lacked proficiency, and how to possibly address it. All of a sudden, my colleague stated, â€Å"Leadership is everything!† What is Leadership? What is Followership? Leadership is defined as â€Å"a process whereby an individualRead MoreLeadership And Its Influence On Leadership1496 Words   |  6 PagesART I Leadership is the ability to obtain followers. Commitment will follow your leadership as you climb up the ladder your commitment will rise as well. People do not want to be managed they want to be led. There are many principles that will represent a great leader and help an individual obtain the followers trust. The principles mentioned in this book are influence, priorities, integrity, positive change, problem solving, positive attitude, attitude, vision, self-discipline, and staff developmentRead More5 Levels of Leadership998 Words   |  4 PagesFIVE LEVELS OF LEADERSHIP. ‘an adaptation from the work of John Maxwell the leadership skills of Darek Nowakowski† Becoming an effective leader is a lot like being in the stock market. You don’t make your fortune in a day; you make it daily, a little bit at a time. What matters most is what you do day after day, over the long haul. The secret to leadership success is investing in your leadership development, much like letting your assets compound. The final result is â€Å"Leadership Growth† overRead MoreThe Five Levels Of Leadership Essay886 Words   |  4 PagesLevels Of Leadership By Nick Pollice Jun 30, 2011 Becoming an effective leader is a lot like being in the stock market. You don t make your fortune in a day; you make it daily, a little bit at a time. What matters most is what you do day after day, over the long haul. The secret to leadership success is investing in your leadership development, much like letting your assets compound. The final result is Leadership Growth over time. Leaders aren t born; their made. The process of leadership is longRead MoreKey Essential Areas That Play A Significant Difference On Developing A Firm Foundation1032 Words   |  5 PagesKM cycles help provide innovation on propelling organizations. There are four essential areas that play a significant difference on developing a firm foundation. (1) Knowledge creation and/or capture, helps increase our effectiveness within displaying on ability of exemplifying quality work results. It also develops better efficient ideas of innovation or developing a sense of techniques to effectively demonstrate an effective effort in attaining desirable results (2) Knowledge Acquisition ApplicationRead MoreStrategic Management and Leadership Skills1089 Words   |  5 PagesStudies Assignment Brief UNIT TITLE: Developing Strategic Management and Leadership skills Assignment: Tutor: Date Set: Date of Submission: Instructions: Mr Tayo Tewogbade March 2011 17th April, 2011 Answer all questions Learning outcomes and criteria covered by this assignment 1. Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership 2. Be able to apply management and leadership theory to support organisational direction 3. Be able to assess leadership requirements 4. Be able to plan

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Whatever They Told You About Common App Propmt 1 Essay Samples Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why

Whatever They Told You About Common App Propmt 1 Essay Samples Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why Life, Death and Common App Propmt 1 Essay Samples These perspectives can allow you to discover the thoughts and concepts which are behind what you do daily. Think of the way you can add dimension to your list and take an assortment of favorite movies or music past the ordinary. Colleges are searching for a feeling of maturity and introspectionpinpoint the transformation and demonstrate your private growth. Also try to remember that heroes don't necessarily have to be rich or overly famous, although they have to exist in public life as opposed to in your personal life. If you found the essay that we've reviewed within this article somewhat daunting you aren't alone. Irrespective of which essay prompt you address, it's all-important to give yourself time to think of the info you're conveying and what it reveals about you. Stephen's essay is quite effective. Share an essay on any sub ject of your pick. The topic of your essay doesn't need to be completely novel. Make sure it captures YOU. And, it is a popular essay prompt for a reason! These seven sample essays respond to a wide range of thought-provoking questions. The Advantages of Common App Propmt 1 Essay Samples Essay writing is a significant area of the college application practice. It's very useful to take writing apart as a way to see just the way that it accomplishes its objectives. If you believe you have the capability to compose a Common App Essay that's on this level do it. The internet process for the Common Application can be complicated, but it is a great deal better than applying to every school individually (which is terribly time-consuming and can result in errors). Common App Propmt 1 Essay Samples for Dummies They also offer insight into the type of student you may be in college. The book must be fiction, but aside from that requirement you've got plenty of leeway here. Don't forget, in addition, ther e are discounts available when purchasing all 3 e-books and free shipping when purchasing all three text books. You ought to purchase essays either your individual particulars or. Your capacity to be exact is crucial for keeping the term count low. Which is the reason you want an angle. Consult your parents to spell out the rear row to you. Occasionally it's helpful to observe how others were able to get over the difficult first-line hump. The key issue is to become something down! As anyone acquainted with riding a bicycle will say, riding at a slow speed is far more challenging than riding quickly. Clearly articulate the issue. The Common App Propmt 1 Essay Samples Cover Up Though this prompt is an easy, fill-in-the-blank exercise, it still extends to you a chance to showcase a new side of yourself to admissions particularly when it has to do with deciding on the book title for the second blank. Again, this prompt isn't seeking a specific instance or event upon which you are able to construct a story or narrative. This new prompt provides the chance for you to discuss something which completely enthralls you. When you have anything to add, please tell us in the comments! Regardless of what topic you select, allow some time for extra editing. This question was reworded for 2017-18, and the present language is an immense improvement. Answering this question takes a great quantity of time and research. In truth, it might be just the opposite. That said it's normally a good concept to supply a personal statement anyway. In reality, I'd been born into such a situation. It may not have a lot of meaning at all for different men and women.

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Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

Question: Discuss about the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. Answer: Introduction Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion is a term that was given to show the international agreement which was signed at the 1st international conference considering Promotion of Health. The conference had been organized by the World Health Organization commonly known as (WHO) and took place in Ottawa in Canada, November the year 1986. This conference began several actions in the international organizations, local communities and national governments (Rootman, 2011). These actions are to achieve the common aim of Health For All. The World Health Organization decided to take the leading role in acting for the promotion of health in the late 1980s when the Ottawa Charter was published. The same Ottawa Charter had five action areas which are; Building healthy public policy. Organizations of the youth through activities and programs which are delivered to the young people. These include health education as well as health information which in the long run positively affect the development of the youths personal skills for example self-efficacy, self-esteem, communication, including life skills, negotiation as well as motivation. The development of all these skills ends up having a positive effect on health. Creating environments that are supportive. Creating safe and very secure social and physical environments, the organizations of the youth are able to provide the younger people and the staff with opportunities where they can discuss as well as explore matters of health and learn how to practice healthy behaviors. For example, these environments provide the youth with healthy food options and healthy snacks are provided after attending school clubs, creating a smoke-free environment. Strengthening community action. Developing alliances and partnerships with other sectors in the community, the youth organizations are able to build capacity and therefore influence the wider community towards good health. The community can, in turn, keep supporting the health of their different target groups by, for example, working in partnership with the healthy initiatives in the town. Developing personal skills. Developing health-related policies internally helps the youth organizations to demonstrate evidence-based approaches that show the importance of having the policies in place so as to support the practice and promotion of health. Examples of policies are; sexual health policy and substance use policy. The youth organizations also raise awareness at the same time advocate for public policy development so that they can support the health-related work as well as the health of their own target groups like the national alcohol policy. Re-orienting the healthcare services towards the avoidance of illnesses and the promotion of health in general. The youth organizations advocate for the development as well as theprovision of health services, which are able to respond positively to the health necessities of young people, for example, these organizations have a part in the creation of awareness and ensuring there isenough and adequate providing of adolescent friendly health services for the young adults (Parker and Kindig, 2012). There are basic strategies that were identified in the Ottawa Charter for the general promotion of good health. These are; a.) Advocate: Health is considered a resource for both developmental and social means, therefore the dimensions which often influence these factors are changed compulsory just to promote health. b.) Enable: Equity in health is mandatory to be attained. People become aware so that they can control the factors that often influence their health, thus people are can attain the highest reachable quality of life. c.) Mediate: the health sector alone is not able to achieve health promotion. The success of health promotion depends on the alliances of all the departements known of the government both social and economic including the organizations that are private like the media and industries (Williams, 2016). Upon the publishing of the Ottawa Charter, there were principles of health promotion that were put down by the World Health Organization. These are; a.) Empowerment, this is a means of working that enables people toget more power over the choices and actions which affect their health. b.) Participative, here people participate in an active role when making decisions. c.) Holistic, this means taking into consideration of the separate factors on ones health and the interactions that these dimensions have. d.) Equitable, nurses should ensure to be thefare of outcomes for the service users. e.) Intersectoral, this is working in partnerships with any relevant organizations and agencies. f.) Sustainable, nurses and health care providers should make sure that the products of health promotion processes and activities become sustainable in a long term. g.) Multi-strategy- working on several strategy areas like programs and policies. Health literacy is a concept which brings people from both health and literacy fields together (Ewles and Simnett, 2015). This concept revolves under the notion that literacy and health are important resources for an everyday living. Health education is a combination of all learning experiences one can have that are designed to help people and communities in improving their healthby simply increasing their knowledge on health or influencing their attitudes towards health. Promotion of health, on the other hand, is a process that helps people to get more control over and to change their health positively. Health promotion moves the aim on the behavior of an individual towards a wider range of social as well as environmental initiatives. The concepts of health literacy, health education, and health promotion relate to empowerment and ultimately the role of health professionals. Health professionals need to have the three concepts together so as the goal of good health can be achieved in the long run. Looking at health literacy for instance. Health professionals should be aware that almost half of the American adults find it difficult to understand and use health information, if this is the case then promoting good health is going to be difficult for them. Therefore practices to increase the number of citizens who are health literate should be encouraged as this will definitely help health professionals in performing their work of providing health care to the citizens of America. Health education is also much related to the empowerment and roles of health professionals. Each profession requires some educational background and this is no exception to health professionals. Education when it comes to health is broad and does not just cover the health care providers but also the patients (Nutbeam, 2013). Education ranges from preventive measures, means of treatment and cure and patient-doctor and doctor-patient communication methods. The role of ahealth professional is dependent on health education to promote good health. Promotion of health as it is stated in the Ottawa Charter is also important in achieving the goal of good health. Health professionals have a major role in promoting health. They can participate in public awareness campaigns that aim in promoting good health, create advertisements that advise people on how to take care of themselves and stay healthy. Collaborating with private sectors to promote health is also a role for the health professionals. All this aims towards attaining the highest point of good health. Overall, there are two apparatus towards patient education. The fist is patient education which entails, a systematic, planned, learning, and logical process of patient education. This kind of patient education is applied when the nurse wants to educate their patients on the nature of treatment they are receiving. The second part of patient education focuses on the prevention, wellness, and health of the patients, which aims at educating the patients on how to prevent health problems such as diabetes, cancer, and gum diseases just to mention a few.This sort of consistent education and watch over of the patients is imperative. Maintaining a strategic distance from thecasual treatment of patient training will give the nurse an edge over different suppliers for one imperative reason. By beginning a discussion with the patients about their wellbeing, they will build a trusting and durable association with them. Nevertheless, this is not the main advantage to nurses practice; by setting a side theopportunityto have a one-on-one dialog, they are urging the patients to educate their family and companions concerning their work on, giving informal health promotion. In conclusion, the aim of the OTTAWA charter is to achieve the common goal of Health for All. The charter acts by building a sound and open arrangement with the public. For instance the associations of the adolescent through exercises and projects, which are conveyed to the youth. These incorporate health instruction and in addition health data, which over the long haul emphatically impact the progress of the young people's abilities, for example, self-adequacy, self-regard, correspondence, fundamental abilities, transaction and also aninspiration. The improvement of every one of these aptitudes winds up positively affecting health. By making steady, sheltered, and extremely secure social and physical conditions, the adolescent associations can give the youngsters and the staff with circumstances where they can talk about and investigate matters of wellbeing. In addition, they can figure out how to practice health-upgrading practices subsequently by supporting the training of health and settling on a more advantageous decision on their health. References Ewles L, Simnett I (2015). Promoting Health - a practical guide. BalliereTindall: Edinburgh. Kwan, B., Frankish, J., and Rootman, I. (2010). The Development and Validation of Measures of Health Literacy in Different Populations, Vancouver: Centre for Population Health Promotion Research. Kickbusch, I. (2015). Think health: What makes the difference? Health Promotion International, 12, 265-272. Nutbeam, D. (2014). Health Promotion Glossary, Health Promotion International, 13. 349-364. Nutbeam , D. (2013) Health literacy as a public health goal: a challenge for contemporary health education and communication strategies into the 21st century. Health Promotion International, 15(3):259267. Parker, R., Kindig, D. (2012). Beyond the Institute of Medicine Health Literacy Report: Are the Recommendations Being Taken Seriously? J Gen Intern Med, 21(8): 891892. Rootman, I. (2011). Health Literacy: What should we do about it? Presentation at the University of Victoria, BC. Canada. WHO (2014). Health 21 - Health for all in the 21st Century. WHO Europe: Copenhagen. WHO (2013). Reducing health inequalities - proposals for health promotion and actions. WHO Europe: Copenhagen. Williams, MV., (2016). Inadequate functional health literacy among patients at two public hospitals (comment) JAMA. 274(21), 1677-1682.

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The Marketing Strategy of Chinese E-Commerce Market-the Example of Ebay Failed in China free essay sample

This is the reason of why I consider this topic in my thesis. EBay, a world leading company on the E-commerce market. They have really strong power of competition in the E-commerce market in the world even there have a lot of competitors like Amazon, Alibaba. In 2002 they entered Chinese E-commerce market and they have been acquiring one of the top E-commerce brand: Eachnet in China. But the benefit from Chinese market is not as well as their plan even they spend a lot of money and never stop investing in the Chinese market. After 4 years they sell the on-line business to Tom goup in 2006. So before we talk about the reasons of eBay failed in Chinese market, we should think about how E-commerce creates value. In 2001 one theory created by Raphael Amit and Christoph Zott that E-commerce creates value from 4 points: Novelty, Lock-in, Efficiency, Complementarities. There has another theory created by G. We will write a custom essay sample on The Marketing Strategy of Chinese E-Commerce Market-the Example of Ebay Failed in China or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page T. Lumpkin and Gregory Dess, They thought the E-commerce was creates value by Search, Product Reviews and Reports, Problem-solving, transaction. In my thesis I focus on the why eBay company which have such strong ability to create value but they have to face many problems in Chinese E-commerce market and they lose in this market. In my thesis I will discusses and analysis the reasons of eBay failed in China because the wrong market strategies and the market strategies of the Taobao which actually become the most powerful E-commerce brand in China.

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Challenges of Divorce essays

Challenges of Divorce essays Throughout my life I have been confronted with many challenges. Although some are greater than others, I believe that divorce is the greatest of all in my life. My parents divorce has definitely added character to my life. Within all the negative aspects of the divorce there is also a bright side to all the hard times and pain. I believe divorce comes with consequences, because I have experienced them first hand. One downfall to a divorce is the traveling involved. Some children are lucky to have their parents still live in the general vicinity of each other but for me that is not the truth. My father lives over one hundred miles away and my brother and I must travel the two and a half hour trip every other weekend in order to see our dad. A troubling aspect is figuring out what weekends we are available to take part in this trip. Scheduling time to be with my dad seems more difficult as the years progress. It is hard to find time when I am not occupied with school activities or sports. Being unorganized can get extremely hectic, especially when my brother and I have not visited my dad in several weeks. This eventually means that I will miss spending time with my friends during special events which usually occur during the time I am with my father. This being my last year in high school, I want to have as much time with my friends as possible. Although the negative aspects are great there are even greater positive effects to divorce. One rewarding part of having divorced parents is the larger family. Being able to spend time with even more relatives is a reward in itself. I receive tremendous amounts of love and care from each and every one of my relatives. The most exciting part is visiting all my relatives for the holidays. Besides the fact that there are countless people enjoying each others company, during the holidays I receive more presents than I would if my parents were still together. It is grea...

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Literature review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 2

Literature review - Essay Example The model is basically represented in a mathematical equation which is equated with the â€Å"expected rate of return on a stock to risk free rate plus a risk premium for the stock’s systematic risk† (Keown, 1998, p.242). Risk premium for a particular security is basically defined as the required return after deducting the risk free rate existing in the market. Total risk which is calculated as a standard deviation of return is generally fragmented into two parts. They are unsystematic and risk systematic risk, Beta () (Strong, 2008, p.168). The investors are rewarded bearing through this risk only and is very crucial. The equation for CAPM can be given as follows: †¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.. (1) The above equation is a CAPM equation and it is also known as the security market line. In this equation, is the expected return, is the risk free return, is the required return for a particular market portfolio. , measure the systematic risk (Keown, 1998, p.242). 1.2 Application T he model provides a logical approach for analyzing the return that an investor should receive from an investment. More interestingly, the model is applied in a wide spectrum in the field of modern finance for the purpose of estimating the cost of equity and the performance of a company. Evaluating performance of companies in a particular industrial area is of great importance as it reflects the economic functioning of the area and further decides the strength of investor’s attraction in that particular area (Armitage, 2005, p.278). 2. Research Aims and Objectives The rationale thus created is that the CAPM model helps to calculate expected return of an investor and evaluate the performance of the companies. The concentration in this paper will be on the later trajectory i.e. performance of the companies. The aim of the paper is to find proper application of CAPM model in a real world scenario. The objective of the paper is centered on finding out the intensity of the companie s creating value for their shareholders with data on ten US companies listed in the New York Stock Exchange. 4. Research questions The research questions that will be discussed in this paper are discussed below: 1. What is the importance of CAPM model in corporate finance? 2. What are the fields where the model is applicable and what important results it yield? 3. What decision criterion the model generates that drives the financial managers to take important business decisions? 3. Research hypothesis The research hypothesis that will be tested in this paper can be represented in a tabular format as given below: H0: The companies selected are not performing strongly to create value for the shareholders H1: The companies selected are performing strongly to create value for the shareholders H0 is the null hypothesis which will be tested against the alternative hypothesis H1. The data and testing procedure will be explained in a detailed manner in the methodology section. Now, the subs equent section will focus on a brief literature review on this particular financial model i.e. CAPM. 4. Literature Review Rigorous testing has been employed with CAPM model in the last three decades. Studies of Jensen and Scholes in 1972, Blume and Friend in 1973, Reinganum in 1981, Banz in 1981 founded that there exist a positive correlation between the realized return and as well as that between risk and return is a linear function. Through the